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Sunny Daze WC Lyra

Lyra 1F Rear Udder
Lyra 1F (2 yo)
Lyra 1F Side Udder

ADGA D2125527
Born 3/24/2020

In 2022 as a first freshener, Lyra is producing approximately 3.0 pounds of milk every day.  Her udder photos shown above were taken on Day 27 of her first freshening which record 1.68 pounds of milk after a 11-hour fill.

Kidding History


2022: Triplets, 3 bucklings

2022: Twins, 1 buckling, 1 doeling

Juniper 2016.jpg
Juniper 2018 LA Rear Udder

Lyra's Dam: Sweet Garden MR Juniper 2*M


Mayflower side.png
Mayflower rear.png

Lyra's Maternal Granddam:

AGS Meadowsweet Blue SOL Mayflower *M

V+VV 86

Photo credit: Sweet Garden Goats

Maurice - August 2019.jpg

Lyra's Maternal Grandsire:

SG Dragonfly SOL Maurice Ravel +B

EEE 91



Gypsy Moon WP Warparty.jpg

Lyra's Paternal Grandsire:


GCH Gypsy Moon WP Warranty ++B

Photo credit: Top Flight Farms Inc.

Sugar Moon RB Faith Side.jpg
Sugar Moon RB Faith Udder.jpeg

Lyra's Paternal Granddam:


SG Sugar Moon RB Faith 3*M


Photo credit: Cade's Lil' Farm

Farm Oldesouth WP War Cry.jpg

Photo credit: Sunny Daze Farm

Lyra's Sire: Farm Oldesouth WP War Cry

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