SG  Broken Willow    Peppermint Patty 2*M

Mint 2F 4-25-20
Pmint 1F

ADGA D1913657

Born 3/12/2017

*DNA Tested*

LA 2019: VVEV 88

Peppermint Patty, aka Mint, is light gold doe who was born to SG Broken Willow SS Laffy Taffy and Dreahook BB Sweet William.  Mint has shown several improvements over her dam.  While maintain the strong dairyness, she has a softer udder and longer teat length.  Her udder is correct with great attachment in rear udder height and arch.  Mint earned her Superior Genetics (SG) as a two-year old, first freshener in Fall 2019 before completing her 280-day milk curve.


In 2019 as a first freshener, Mint is producing 3.5-4+ pounds of milk every day.  Her udder photos shown above were taken on Day 41 of her first freshening which record 2.1 pounds of milk after a 12-hour fill. 


She has been great on the milk stand and has a curious, friendly personality for a confident doe.

Kidding History


2020: Twins, 2 doelings

2019: Twins, 1 doeling, 1 buckling



PC LA Udder.jpg

Mint's Maternal Granddam:


SG Tiny Town BP Penny Candy


Mint's Paternal Grandsire:

SG Tiny Town Sunny Surprise ++*B, VVE 88 (Elite Buck 2016)

Photo credit: Tiny Town Goats

Phoenix Farm BW Blackbird.jpg

Mint's Paternal Grandsire:


Phoenix Farm BW Blackbird *B

Dreahook P Glorius Udder.jpg

Mint's Paternal Granddam:


AGS CH Dreahook P Glorius

Mint's Sire: Dreahook BB Sweet William