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Broken Willow RR Blue Bell

Blue Bell 1F side d62

1F, Day 62, 12 hr fill

Blue Bell 3y 1F
BB 2F Rear

2F, 12 hr fill

ADGA D2169038
Born 04/30/2020

*DNA Tested*

Kidding History


2024: Triplets, 2 doeling, 1 buckling

2023: Triplets, 2 doeling, 1 buckling



Walnut-Mtn. LP Coffee Kiss 1.png
Walnut-Mtn. LP Coffee Kiss 2.png

BB's Maternal Granddam:

Walnut-Mtn. LP Coffee Kiss

Photo credit: Walnut Mtn.

Lil Bleats S 2 Kisses for Me.png

Blue Bell's Paternal Grandsire:

Lil Beats S 2 Kisses for Me

Photo credit: Walnut Mtn.

Sweet William.png

Blue Bell's Paternal Grandsire:


Dreahook BB Sweet William

Photo credit: Sweet Garden Goats

Laffy Taffy 3 yo 3F
Lafty Taffy 2F Rear Udder

BB's Paternal Granddam:


SG Broken Willow SS Laffy Taffy

6*M, VVEE 87

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