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Sweet Garden FC Agave

Born 4/19/2013

ADGA D1666077P


LA 2015: A+V+ 80

LA 2014: +V+A 80

Aggie is a naturally polled, white and gold doe that comes from an impressive milking line.  Her mother was a heavy milker, and Aggie seems to have inherited her good genetics.  Her udder is beautiful - well attached with teats with large orifices.  She is such a pleasure to milk!  I'm looking for good things from this girl in 2015.

Kidding History


2015: 2 Polled Does, 2 Polled Bucklings

2014: Twin Bucklings

Photo credit: Sweet Garden Goats

Aggie's Dam: Reserve GCH

Tiny Town Sweet Serenade 4*M


Photo credit: Tiny Town Goats

Aggie's Maternal Granddam:


SGCH Tiny Town Jingle 3*M


Aggie's Maternal Grandsire:


SG NC Promisedland Peeping Tom +*B

++E 84

Aggie's Paternal Grandsire:


Flat Rocks Night Raven

Photo credit: Fairlea Farm

Aggie's Paternal Granddam:


GCH Fairlea Marguerite

4*D, 4*M

EEEE 91.1

Photo credit: Fairlea Farm

Photo credit: Sweet Garden Goats

Aggie's Sire: Fairlea Frederic Chopin

VV+ 86



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