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Broken Willow I Have a Dream 1*M

ADGA D1745080P

Born 4/4/2015

LA 2018: VVV+ 84


Dream is a polled doeling that has a very laid back personality.  Her dam had an awesome udder as a first freshener.  Dream's 1-year old Linear Appraisal score in 2016 consisted of strong dairyness (35), rear udder height (38), medial suspension ligament (31), and udder depth (33) which gave her an "E" in her overall dairy strength.  Not bad for a 1-year old!


Dream's teats are longer and thicker which makes it very easy to milk her out.  As a first freshener in 2016, she in milk long past Day 305.  Curiosity got the best of us and we wanted to see when she would dry up.  We ended up stop milking her at Day 436 (July 17, 2017).  We are convinced this girl could have kept going forever.


As a second freshener in 2018, Dream has been producing 1.8-2.0 pounds of milk every 12 hours.  Her teats remain very long and thick which makes it easy to milk her out twice a day. 

Kidding History

2019: Triplets, 2 doelings, 1 buckling

2018: Triplets, 3 bucklings

2016: Single buckling

Dream's Dam: Sweet Garden FC Agave

A+V+ 80

Photo credit: Sweet Garden Goats

Dream's Maternal Granddam:


Tiny Town Sweet Serenade 4*M VVVE 86

Dream's Paternal Grandsire:


Fairlea Frederic Chopin +*B

VV+ 86

Photo credit: Fairlea Farms

Dream's Paternal Grandsire:


Algedi Farm MH Solaris +*B

Photo credit: Proctor Hill Farm

Dream's Paternal Granddam:


SG Dragonfly G Chickadee 1*M


Photo credit: Dragonfly Farm

Maurice - August 2019.jpg

Dream's Sire: SG Dragonfly SOL Maurice Ravel +B

EEE 91



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