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SG Tiny Town BP Penny  Candy 5*M

ADGA D1651745

Born 4/20/2013


LA 2016: VVEE89


Penny Candy is a sweet girl from Tiny Town Goats.  She was purchased to increase the milking capacity of Broken Willow goats. Capacity is sure to come with her genetics!  Her dam, Tiny Town PT Penny, was one of the top 5% of ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf doe in 2015.  There are E mammary systems all the way around her. Penny Candy is currently producing about 3.0 to 3.5 pounds of milk per day as a second freshener.  First milk test showed 6.2% milk fat and 5.6% protein.  Not too bad!  

Kidding History


2015: Singleton

2016: Twins - 1 Doe, 1 Buck

2017: Triplets - 3 Does



Sire: Wood Bridge Farm Booty Patrol, VVV 87

Dam: SG Tiny Town PT Penny 4*M, V+VV 86


Sire's Sire: NC Promisedland Pablo Abednego *B, VVE 88

Sire's Dam: CH AGS Bombahook Acres Hsrd Demi Plie, VEEE 91


Dam's Sire: NC Promisedland Peeping Tom +*B, ++E 84

Dam's Dam: SG Tiny Town S Quarter 3*M, +VVE 86

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