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MeadowSweet Blue LVA Twilight 1*M

ADGA D1610858

Born 4/13/2011


LA 2017: VEE+ 85


LA 2015: ++V+ 82

LA 2014: VE++ 86


Twilight is a beautiful black doe with a tiny brown moonspot over her shoulder blades.  She is our herd queen with an extremely sweet personality.  This doe has kidded easily and has not experienced any complications.  Twilight has been consistently rated high for her dairy strength, rump angle, rear udder arch and teat length.


She has been a wonderful milker with a long milking curve over the years, reaching 305 days (10 months) of milking when not dried up early for kidding.  Twilight's teats are also long with big orifices which make her extremely comfortable and easy to milk out. 


In 2015, Twilight produced 713 pounds of milk for her 305-day USDA milk test.  She averaged 6.63% fat and 4.28% protein during the 2015 milk test.  Hopefully, she will earn her milk star this year!

Kidding History


2013: Twin Bucks

2014: Quads - 2 Does, 2 Bucks

2015: Quads - 1 Doe, 3 Bucks

2016: Triplets - 2 Does, 1 Buck

2017: Quads - 2 Does, 2 Bucks




Sire: Lost Valley Morgan's Annachie *S

Dam: Dawnland Sea's May Day


Sire's Sire: Lost Valley LB Creed *S

Sire's Dam: Lost Valley KW Morgan 4*D AGS 88.7 VG


Dam's Sire: Twin Creeks BW Sudden Sea *S

Dam's Dam: Sandy Hollow HB Jellybean

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