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India Blue Farm Danny Zuko

ADGA D1701414

Born 4/13/2014

LA 2017: V+V 86

*DNA Tested*


Zuko is a very light gold (white buck) with a few darker gold spots.  His mother, Waterloo Pond PSZ Diana, was a first freshener who won her first Jr. Doe leg as a Grand Champion at just 8 weeks old.  We are proud of his strong genetics in our herd.  Zuko's maternal granddam, Wooly Dog Down Water Wings, just earned her Superior Genetics designation from ADGA.

Zuko is considered to be "Very Good" in dairy strength.  He has a powerful stature with a strong back structure.  Zuko's dairyness coupled with his inquisitive personality makes him a wonderful buck to have on the property.

His daughter, Broken Willow DZ Rizzo, showed an improvement over her dam in rear udder attachment and udder texture.  There is also a noticeable increase in milk capacity as a first freshener compared to her dam's first freshening.

Photo credit: India Blue Farm

Zuko's Dam: SG Waterloo Pond PSZ Diana

2014 LA: V+V+ 83

Zuko's Maternal Granddam:


SG Wooly Dog Down Water Wings 2*M *D AR

EEEV 90 (permanent)

Photo credit: Willow Pond Farm

2X GCH; 1X BOB, BDIS, Best Udder 7X RES GR CH​​​

2012 AGS Nigerian Dwarf One-Day Test Awards​​

Zuko's Maternal Grandsire:


Pocket Sized VF Zolton *S V+V 85

1x GCH, 5x RGCH

Zuko's Paternal Grandsire:


Flat Rock's Sokka

Photo credit: Second Bloom Farm

Zuko's Paternal Granddam:


Flat Rock's Trixie


Photo credit: Flat Rock Farm

Photo credit: India Blue Farm

Zuko's Sire: Flat Rock's FRS Jack Daniels

2014 LA +++ 82 Yearling



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